Soof Latin Typecraft

The Typecraft Initiative, develops a range of display typefaces based on the Soof embroidery of Kutch, Gujarat. Mon Ami foundation, powered by Synergy aims to sustain traditional livelihood through the creation of the typefaces
The typefaces are meant to, create awareness and generate further interest in the art, history, context, and life of the people and the communities we work with. 

The Meghwaad Maaru community from Kutch practices two embroidery styles— Soof and Khaarak. The community originates from Sindh in Pakistan, where their mothers and grandmothers would
embroider small products such as baagchi (envelope bags), theli (multi-purpose bags) and batwa (small bags). The embroidery features an abundance of floral and leaf motifs. Animal, bird and figurative motifs
seldom made an appearance. The only exception is the peacock motif for which the craftswomen had a particular fondness.
Soof is a fine, delicate embroidery with geometrical motifs and is used to create articles like garments, bedspreads, torans, etc. Soof embroidery is light, so even a heavily embroidered sari is easy to handle and wear.

Typecraft uses design and technology as a catalyst to transform a craft to create functional and non-decorative products, such as typefaces and educational applications. It extends the value and meaning of the craft as the font made from a craft doesn’t become an end in itself — but a start of a new creation,an active tool and an enabler.

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