Design Thinking to interpret Crochet

Crochet, the seemingly effortless counting and repeating of a basic stitch, to create lace-like, intricate products, has captured the imagination of crafters through the ages. However, as craftspeople have followed the same system of product development for years, designs have gradually become redundant, and could spell doom for the future of this craft.

To remain relevant in a marketplace teeming with myriad choices, it is imperative that crochet crafts evolve, incorporating contemporary updates. This is where Anurag Rana, an NID graduate and founder of Mon Ami Foundation, brings in her vast skills and experience as a designer.

Anurag’s creativity and vision have come together to create unique products, using design as a problem-solving tool. Employing the principles of design thinking, viz. Empathise (understanding user needs),Define (state the problem), Ideate (create ideas), Prototype (create solutions) and Test (try the solutions), Mon Ami Foundation has an innovative line of crochet products.

Where else could you find a crocheted spider key chain? A fish as a fridge magnet? Or an owl with perfectly aligned eyes to sit on your coffee table?

The Mon Ami Design team, with Anurag at the helm,  ensure that all their products have these qualities:

Utility value: every feature of the product serves a purpose, so as to maximise the user experience.

Functionality –  all products are user-friendly. For instance, initially, crochet used wool, feasible for use only in small pockets of India, for a mere 1-2 months annually. A conscious shift was made to crocheting with cotton yarn – usable through the year.

Aesthetic appeal – the look and feel of a product are central to its appeal. Simplicity and elegance go hand-in-hand.

Attention to detail – All the little things matter. What colour combinations should toys be? How will these colours further stimulate the minds of little children? Are the eyes of the toy aligned?

Longevity of design – good design is timeless.

Committed to setting up the largest Crochet movement in the country, through extensive skill building efforts, Mon Ami Foundation, in partnership with HCL Foundation’s Craft Hub, creates new products for the domestic and international markets, keeping the tastes and preferences of customers in mind.

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