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Mon Ami Foundation’s 75-day skill enhancement program

India is galloping towards recovery on account of stronger than expected recovery post pandemic. The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has revised its gross domestic product (GDP) projection to 11.5 percent from 8.8 percent. The Union Budget 2021, increased allocation to the Ministry of Women and Child Development by 16 percent, allocating a sum of Rs. 24,235 crores.

However, the latest economic survey indicates that female labour force participation reduced to 25.3 per cent in 2017-18 due to reasons such as lack of job opportunities, gender based stereotypes, gender pay parity and unequal share of unpaid care work. According to a 2019 World Bank study, women made up 43.7 percent of the total labour force in China. If India is to overtake China and become the fastest growing economy of the world, the role of women cannot be overlooked. When a woman is skilled, she is likely to ensure that her family and those around her follow her lead.

Mon Ami Foundation (MAF), an independent, not-for-profit Trust along with HCL foundation is committed to helping women earn a sustainable livelihood through crochet skill building initiatives. We help them overcome the social challenges they face through the use of technology and encouraging them to work from home.

MAF’s 75-Day Skills Enhancement Program: Providing a holistic framework

Mon Ami Foundation has recently introduced a 75-day skilling program that includes:

  • Basic Training (30 days): women are taught essential skills of the crochet craft technique. Training is conducted over 15-20 remote sessions of 2 hours per day.
  • Advanced Skilling (30 days): women are taught complex design and production processes. Training is conducted through 15-20 remote sessions of 3-4 hours every day. Emphasis is laid on quality checks that need to be maintained during work submission and on understanding market requirements.
  • Capacity Building (15 days): May be conducted upon completion of the 60 days Basic and Advanced Skilling or in conjunction with the same. Women are trained in the following areas:
    • Forming Self Help Groups (SHGs) – for focused customer segments (pop up stores at schools, physical retail stores, online stores, corporate aggregators, bulk online retailers, participating in fairs & events and direct corporate gifting).
    • Computer know-how – keeping with the governments objective of ‘atmanirbhar bharat’, candidates are trained in communication and social media
    • Mental and physical well-being – through weekly online yoga sessions
    • Financial inclusion –  from opening up bank accounts to informative sessions on investment and spending, helping them become financially independent.

On completion of this 75-day virtual skilling program, select candidates are mentored by Sharada University .  

At Mon Ami Foundation, we believe that women are key agents to drive change and achieve social & economic transformation. Alongside gender responsive policies, initiatives such as Make in India, focus on sustainability and handmade products, it is imperative that all stakeholders come together in a concerted manner to build a robust framework that empowers women through skilling.

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