Artisan Incubation

Artisan Incubation (Ai) is a unique program undertaken by Mon Ami Foundation to provide a nurturing environment for small and emerging artisans across the country. This initiative caters to craftspeople who remain out of the loop of corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

The idea is to connect with the many artisans who live in India’s remote towns and villages, who do not have the required training to upskill their craft to current market needs. As a result, these artisans remain tucked away from the reach of any design or financial intervention. This lack of visibility, leaves them unable to earn a sustainable income from their craft, often forcing them to leave behind their legacy and move into urban areas for better employment options. Through the Ai initiative, Mon Ami Foundation will reach out to these artisans and their families and work with them to cultivate a nurturing and sustainable ecosystem.


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