Green Gifting

Gifting is one of the most tangible ways to express our love and appreciation towards our family members, friends, work-friends, employees, and more. One always tries to give the best and for anyone who is on a sustainable journey, gifting takes on a whole new meaning as apart from looking for something exquisite to gift, the responsibility to ensure that the gift itself does not impact our environment, holds a lot of essence.

Mon Ami Foundation’s inhouse design team works closely with crafts people across the country to create sustainable products made from locally sourced material.

Each product is hand crafted with utmost care to maintain high standards of quality and finish. Focus is to ensure local material is used along with traditional knowledge for minimal impact to the environment and yet create a higher economic impact. Every product made by an artisan nudges opportunity for at least 4 families in the vicinity thereby creating a vibrancy in the local community.
The process of product creation involves an in-depth study of a particular craft along with the people associated with it, to provide maximum support not only with respect to design but also to help bring up the traditional weavers and craftsmen to a level where they are able to attain a constant source of income by practicing their age-old crafts which is losing their essence because of increased modernization.

How can you contribute

By choosing these green gifts you will help support the local artisans and their communities and help lower the environmental impact. We will be happy to customize the experience and share with you the impact your support is making to the lives of the artisans.


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