Gift of Hearing

In India, 25,000 children are born deaf every year. 6 out of 1000 children are born with significant hearing loss and many more lose their hearing as a result of serious illnesses. A host of challenges contribute to this problem. The cost of treatment for instance, is very high. A lot of the diagnosis is incorrect and low quality equipment is used and even fitted by untrained professionals. Most often the hearing solutions are recommended when it is too late.

Mon Ami Foundation works to provide cochlear implants and give children the gift of hearing. The focus is on early detection and early intervention to ensure minimum hearing loss and speech defects.

Description of the Project

Mon Ami Foundation provides cochlear implants at highly subsidized rates to underprivileged children from 9 months to 6 years. Based on a thorough evaluation of the financial circumstances, needy candidates are taken to pre-determined hospitals for cochlear implant surgery. The entire procedure is conducted under general anaesthesia and the operation time if about 3-4 hours. The patient is required to stay in the hospital for 2 days. Three weeks after the surgery, the device is ‘switched on’ and intense auditory rehabilitation is conducted for a period of about 6 months to a year.

Main Objective

  • To bridge the gap between donors, service providers and recipients
  • Ensure close loop feedback mechanism and deliver a cashless integrated platform to all stake holders
  • Work with the financial services providers to ensure complete KYC of the recipients
  • Complete transparency on the flow of funds from the donors to the recipients
  • Partner with credible, proven, ethical service providers
  • Drastically reduce the expenses incurred for project management

Why You Should Fund:

Cochlear Implant Surgery costs are very high.

Per Implant/Recipient
Surgery/Hospital Stay= Rs 2,25,000/-
Cost of Implant= Rs 6,50,000/-
Post Surgery Rehab = Rs 65,000/-
Total Cost= Rs 9,40,000/-

*This is indicative cost based on average cost of implant. Actual costing would vary upon pre-authorization diagnostics
** We would be able to work closely with the designated Hospital to reduce the cost of implant and surgery for larger CSR projects involving multiple recipients.