Ektara | Skill development and livelihood Project

Project Ektara – A craft revival project designed to generate income for marginalised income groups.

The project provides remunerative work to semi-skilled women, who craft crochet toys from their homes with the material provided. These toys are made from safe materials that are designed to enhance motor skills and cognitive skills in infants and young children.

Through Project Ektara, we identify women with basic knitting and crochet knowledge within Delhi. These individuals have the skill and enthusiasm, but lack the knowledge of combining these together to make an earning

Around 17 million people live in slums in mega cities and sadly, most migrant communities living in these pockets have limited avenues to work other than employing themselves as domestic helps or joining unorganised sectors.

Project Ektara provides these women with training in the craft of knitting and crochet, guides them on various designs that they can experiment with and teaches them to create hand crafted crochet toys. In addition, the project also fills the need for more hand-crafted Indian toys and crafts in vibrant colours in the market.

Project aims to to provide appropriate skill and product development initiatives to semi-skilled women. Its missions is to create a value chain with a large consortium of semi-skilled women under one umbrella so as to allow them to create high quality products that can be linked with local NGOs or facilitate the formation of Self-Help Groups to sustain themselves and craft products in a conducive work environment.

Way Forward

  • Include more and more women in the NCR region
  • Engage with more NGOs who can work at training and guiding these women at the grassroots level
  • Showcase the finished products in more bazaar and events to gain visibility and awareness

Why You Should Fund

Funding is required in order to train these women and make them self-sufficient. A large amount is spent on raw material as the work is labour and material intensive.

Crochet as a craft can be done with many different types of yarn. Our endeavour is to give the toys a contemporary look and to make the end product ‘child ‘safe’. That means we use natural fibres like cotton, dyed in azo free’ safe’ dyes and ensure that the product that is developed is absolutely safe for infants. The precautionary measures need to be explained to the women who craft the product as well as those who do the quality checks.

Creating a quality product cycle adds cost at every step of the way. From training, to crafting, researching, trials and finally producing the product. The process is tedious but we know the scale that this can reach and also provide employment to a large number of women.

The expenditure incurred in the project at this point cannot be recovered from the customer alone.


  • Provide additional income to over 200 families in the NCR region.
  • Women continue regular employment avenues and knit and crochet in their spare time

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