We believe that the success for us at Mon ami foundation lies in collaborating with all sections of the society. We are fortunate to have volunteers who are keen to make a difference. To be part of the mon ami volunteering program, speak to one of our current volunteers or write in here

Meet some of our volunteers

Moksha Rao

I like illustrating, animating, adventuring, and hiking. Since 2016 I’ve been studying Animation at the School of Visual Arts in New York City, the perfect city to explore said pursuits.

My interest in animation stems from the thought that is, blurring the line between story and real life. It allows me to do so by incorporating elements from our world into a fabricated one, and playing with the dynamics of what is plausible in which setting. Not to mention just the general appeal I find in making interesting stories and characters


Madhav Mehrotra

In the summer of 2016, I interned with the Mon Ami Foundation. My role was to write stories aimed at children aged 4 – 7 using some animal puppets as characters in the stories. These stories were then packaged with the puppets and sold.

Sudeshna Saxena

I’m currently in my 8th semester at the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, pursuing my Bachelor’s in Textile Design. Before defining myself as a textile designer, I always see myself as an artist and illustrator and have always had a keen interest in storytelling.

For Monami Foundation, I illustrated a children’s activity book aimed at educating young children about the origins of camel wool weaving in Rajasthan.

Aarti Bhalekar

I’m a third year animation student in Rubika India. I will be completing my studies and securing my degree by the end of July. I have always had a flare for art and this field perfectly allowed me to explore all the possibilities.

I believe all of the qualities that I nurture are all held together by my notion of discipline cause only through discipline and a systematic function of oneself can one advice success.This being said fitness and personal hygiene is must in my day to day life.

For Mon Ami Foundation I created illustrations for a children’s book explaining how camel poo paper is made.