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Mon Ami Foundation is an independent, not-for-profit Trust, registered in India, with a strong focus on social responsibility. We work closely with recipient communities across rural and urban India with support from corporates, domain experts, and service providers to ensure equal participation from all stakeholders for a sustainable future!

Our projects are focused on sustainable livelihood, vocational skills, environment sustainability, healthcare and aligned with the following UN SDG goals, Decent work and Economic Growth (#8), Responsible Consumption and Production (#12) and Partnerships to achieve the Goal (#17)

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Sushma Gautam is a married women and mother of two. She lives in Ashrafnagar village, Sitapur, Uttar Pradesh. Sushma is very enthusiastic and has always had a go-getter attitude since childhood.

Once, she saw her mother weave a Dalwa to gift it to her niece for marriage. She found it interesting and decided to learn the technique of basketry. Since then she has been weaving and experimenting with the Moonj Grass products.

Sushma became a part of Dalmia Bharat Foundation's Livelihood program run by Mon Ami Foundation in Sitapur. Her skills have enhanced ever since she joined the program. She takes out time for Moonj Craft work from her daily busy schedule and successfully earns 3000-5000 each month to support her family and fulfil her wishes.

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